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Lifestyle Sessions FAQs

So you’ve visited our Lifestyle gallery and would like to capture the crazy, ordinary moments of your family; but you still have some questions on how the sessions work, right? No problem, we’ve outlined some of the most asked questions to help guide you through the process and if you have more, please don’t be shy to contact us! We love to chat!


So how does it work?
First off, we start of a with a simple consultation. I would love to know where your interests are, what types of photographs you would love to have, and the style of photography you would like to create. From there, we will work together to decide on a date and choose a location. On the day of the shoot, as I meet your family for the first time, I won’t start shooting with a giant camera in front of their face; but instead, I’ll take sometime to get to know them and make them feel at ease. This enables your childeren to open up as they become with a complete stranger in their house.  I may ask your children to show me their room, or maybe their most recent classroom drawing, or even that new dress you bought them. As they start to become comfortable in front of the camera, it’s mainly about capturing a story about your day.

How many pictures will you take?
It’s important to remember that every shoot is different along with every family being different; which makes this a very difficult question to answer. The number of shots produced will largely be based on the location of the shoot and number of family members we will photograph. During our initial phone consultation, we will try to plan out the shoot ahead of time so as we arrive, we can make the most of the shoot by having fun and capturing more images.

How do we see the images?
Immediately following your shoot, we will be working hard to sort through the images we captured removing all the out of focus, boring, images and weird expressions and provide you with a clean set of images for you to view on our gallery or blog. As you and your family and friends view the images on our blog, we will be working on providing you with a private gallery of additional images.

When will I see my images?
Typical turnaround time for the images takes approximately 2-3 weeks following the session.

Will I receive the Digital Negatives from the shoot?
Yes, of course, the images you are totally YOURS! We love to pamper our clients so it’s important you have the digital files in the fully edited glory for you to pass onto your family friends or share on Facebook..

Do you offer prints with your packages?
Typically prints are not included; but you can order prints of all sizes directly off our client galleries. If you would require an item that is not available, i.e. a framed print, simply let us know and we will work with you to obtain a finished product that is catered to your home.

What happens if it rains on the day of our scheduled shoot?
I love to live life on a day to day basis, so let’s play it by ear. I usually check the weather the night before a scheduled shoot, and I too, would love to capture the best possible photos for my clients! With that being said, unfortunately, sometimes rescheduling a session is needed. I will work with you so we can a reschedules a shoot if this happens.

Sounds Great! What’s your availability?
Diya Studios Lifestyle sessions are scheduled during the morning hours when your family are alive from waking up or during the evening hours(close to sunset) to provide the best photographic results. During our consultation, we will talk about you family and create the best session possible based on your schedule; we will also discuss some ideas and lighting for the session. If you’re interested in working with Diya Studios Photography, kindly contact us to discuss our availability.

Love to hear from you soon!