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Philadelphia Wedding Photography – Stephon & Lauren

Happy Tuesday! I’d like ya’ll to meet my amazing peoples, Stephon and Lauren, who just had an amazing wedding! This super fun couple along with their crazy entourage totally made my day from the Get-Go! Yup! That’s right, all the way from the getting ready portion to the last song of the evening! If you missed out on viewing Stephon and Lauren’s Engagement Photos, you can view them right here!

Stephon/Lauren, you guys have a special chemistry that goes way beyond my any image that my camera can capture.. I truly hope you love some of the images below because you guys were a joy to hang out with and even more to photograph… Thank You so much for allowing my to capture your first days of the many days ahead..

Congratulations again!

Flowers (boutineers and bouquet): Flower Set by Denise