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Piscataway Retirement Party – Indira Shah

Carpe Diem, a term used to seize the day. And that’s what Kinjal Shah did as he threw his mother, Indira Shah, a retirement party. A celebration filled with the closest members of the family. He took the time to thank his mom for all that she has done and the deeds that haven’t been forgotten. He understands being a mother is no simple task, and yet Indira, made it looks so easy.

Indira is a natural born Hustler. Not only does she make ends meet,(my kind of woman); but she has mastered the art of having a career, balancing a family, and being an amazing mother.

This event reminded me of how important it is to acknowledge people. How simple it is to let them know how special they are and that you love them. And by thanking them for being a part of your life.

Location: Deewan Restaurant