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Personal Details – About Me // NJ Wedding Photographer

I’d say the hardest part of being a photographer is defining your style. Over the past couple years, I’ve grown a lot; both as a photographer and as a person. During this transition, I’ve come to terms with understanding with what I love capturing and how I would like to see it(“the love”) captured. And I’ve tried to replicate this process over and over, until it became my own definition of my style.

If you would like to learn a little more about me and my love for things, I welcome you to read the below.  I’ve jotted some random notes down below and hopefully, they provide you with a glimpse of my world…

1. I love the fact that my daughter, Diya, is a WILD, crazy child and not a quiet one.

2. I love that my wife can put up with me. It’s INSANELY hard.

3. I don’t care how old I am, I’ll still be immature at the age of 65.

4. I used to change jobs every six-eight months until I got married.

5. My favorite number. My first date with my wife was on 5/5/2005.

6. I love Google. They do amazing things.

7. I love brides that are CRAZIER than me.

8. I love helping people, it brings a joy to my life more than any amount of money EVER could.

9. I feel like I’m dying every time I’m sick. My wife thinks I’m the BIGGEST baby ever.

10. I can have taco bell EVERY DAY for a WHOLE MONTH. and I think it’s God’s gift to vegetarians.

11. I recently started drinking; I’m already thinking about quitting. Update: Quit as of Jan. 2015.

12. I go on random diets; probably too many, because they don’t last.

13. I don’t have any brothers or sisters; but I have never felt alone because I have kickass friends and family.

14. I wore size 42in bottoms in High School. They were extremely comfortable. JNCO baby!

15. My breath is still taken away every time I walk into a friends house and see my pictures on the wall or in a frame.

16. I do not take pictures for the money. Heaven knows it doesn’t pay well.

17. I started shooting Nikon because I loved the sound of the shutter over Canon. I still shoot Nikon because I love the way it feels.

18. I changed my major 3 times in college. It was more a process of elimination before I ended up with Computer Science.

19. My last car was driven about 239,000 miles before my DAD crashed it.

20. I gave Mc Donald’s three years of my life in college and I think it’s one of the coolest jobs I ever had.

21. I am not a reader. My daughter has just started kindergarten and has probably read more books than me.

22. I can’t stand texting. After two texts to the same person, I get really annoyed.

23. I can’t sing for my life. But when I’m in the car alone, I’ll sing at the top of my lungs. #dontTurnTheRadioOff

24. More random facts to come when I think of them.